Shagwong Curfuffle


 “Shagwongs Curfuffel”

Twisted time it’s minds we bend

Doctors clothing hello my friend

Gaining speed we insist we tread

Muddy waters forge ahead

Tipping sideways laughing bliss

Pushing thorn bushes with our wrist

Whirling dervish peaches perfect

Tart and sweet damn near complete

Pull me apart and tie me thin

You’ll never let out this cold glum grin

Fuck you instead your hand I dread

Fake eyes and lips a poisonous bed

Hello goodbye you hate me too

Around and around we could trade shoes

I like mine more they fit so well.

Noose around my neck and Bell.

You fake you drink god heavens think

You’ll be dead soon enough you treasonous fink

I once was sat in that withering chair

I told a tale one day I’ll sail

Lied lies liar tongues catch fire

Put it out with some whisky you’ll soon get tired

A sniff a wiff a glittering gist

Two bathroom stalls that act of This

Courage and talk of greater things

The light turns on oh god it’s him

The chirps the chips the light seeks through

You know just what just what to do

You call your man the glittering hand

He won’t pick up the clock ticked hand

It’s more then gold  it steals your soul

A bag a pinch a pack to hold.

Body lay still in the early rise

Tonight turned to day with no lullaby’s

you lay dead still your heart beats deep

Still alone you’ll never sleep.

Two drops of this a couple of those

You stink of cigs your disgusting clothes

You pray to god to cut you loose

Chained to this unhinged caboose

You toss you kick you slither and bend

Find that position you trade each end.

Finally out your body still

Waking up from now with nil.

Your eyes hurt Deep your jittering jaw

You fight for life you creep you crawl

Just one huff and it can all be still

Deep inside that mouth of guilt

Call the man the glittering hand

Can you please deliver that white gold sand.

I’ll be right there just stay your way

A pack like this will start your day

A round a round a round we go the glittering lights false hope we sow

The glittering hand can’t release your spin

A perfect plane crash will let you in

Rocky bottoms take some time

You must be sure you’ve crossed the line

There is no glow at first you see

We tell you once do as we

Follow the ways the others carved

Tip the till it can’t be so hard

It’s not easy but we can try

To finally go to sleep with that lullaby

Ya see Glittering hand was no real plan 

That only worked short time short manned

Huddled masses will keep you in

You actually never had that cold dark grin

It was sick dis ease the devils cry

To keep you from that lullaby

You won’t have to go back there they truly care

At first you’re scared this is not fair

No more fakes and no more ghouls

Get rid of all those stained brown shoes

New clothes to wear no cross to bare

Cheap seats that will save you no matter where.

Pick up your mug and share your seat

Talk about that long dark street

Two minds alike will help you grow

To ease your pain from far day’s ago

So just keep coming back, I heard being said

Perfect peaches lullaby’s is the trade off instead.